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Your safety matters


You can wash your Kloud N95 Respirator Mask upto 10 times. We recommend rotating between 3 masks in a month


Kloud masks provide 5 layers of protection against solid and non-petroleum based liquid aerosols

UV sterilised

The respirators have headstrap ultrasonically welded outside filter media which avoids puncture in filter area and is leakproof

Zero Touch

Kloud products are manufactured with extreme care and zero touch policy

Benefits of the mask

5 layers of protection

Our mask provides 5 layers of multiple protection and guarantees 95% filtration efficiency against solid particulates and non-petroleum based liquid aerosols 


Kloud masks are based on the N95 flat fold ‘C’ style filtering respirators. The masks provide outstanding respiratory protection and excellent air permeability. 

Industry Standards

Kloud masks have been designed keeping in mind the price sensitivity making it affordable. It meets the guidelines provided by CDC.

Why wearing right mask is important?

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